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1. Why did you make this?

I like the look of ayashii.net but think it's just a little bit too clunky. There is also a severe lack of messageboards that support tags. Also, my previous tagboard, multichan (0chan), which was intended to be decentralized, kind of fell apart because decentralization and anonymity don't really work together.

2. Why can't I "sage" a thread?

You can, we just called it "no bump" here. Scroll down to question #11 here.

3. Where can I download the source code?

github: 153/pohon2

4. How do I reply to a thread?

Generally speaking, the best way is to respond to the OP; a special link for that purpose exists in the top right of every thread's page. If you want to respond to a specific post in a thread, you should click the post's number, above the comment and to the left.

Specific chains of replies become very easy to see when viewing a thread in tree-mode.

5. What is the difference between #general and #random tags?

#random is the default tag and can be treated like an "anything goes" label. #general is to be used for more serious discussions, especially those that don't have their own tag already.

6. How can I make better use of the tag system?

There are a few patterns you can use to filter the thread index, but the general patterns is /tags/tags you want/tags you dont want/.

7. Any helpful features I should know about?

From a tree or thread view, you can click on the post number of a comment to either (a) reply to it, (b) see its parent comments in a convenient place, or (c) switch views from tree to thread or thread to tree, anchored on that post.

Also, clicking the "@" in the header will always talk to you the frontpage of this site, whereas clicking the name of the board (eg. Pohon BBS) lets you navigate up one level of taxonomy; someone from /tags/random will be returned to /tags/, etc

8. Why did my post get deleted?

Maybe you posted garbage! Don't do that!

9. What's this error message about my line being too long?

Most people are used to writing out long sentences on platforms such as Facebook, Discord, Reddit, etc and then allow the software to automatically "wrap" their message into multiple shorter lines to aid with reading the content.

Other platforms such as USENET, 2channel, and older BBS softwares expect posters to format their messages themselves, manually, generally setting a "per line" length between 60 and 80 characters. This may be inconvenient compared to how newer "apps" deal with message formatting, but it's not that bad.

If your line is too long, look at the error message to see where you need to break up the line manually.

If you absolutely must post "long lines" there is an LL checkbox.

10. Should I know anything else about message length?

Currently, long posts will simply be cut off when the message length limit is exceeded. Don't post your novel here... when in doubt, post several shorter posts.

If you would rather be blocked from posting a too-long message than have a "cut up" message be posted, say something in the meta thread.

11. I can't seem to fill out the Captcha.

One easy fix: click the "new" button to get a more readable Captcha. If you're absolutely sure that you're entering the captchas correctly and can't get any of them to work -- you are likely posting from a Tor node or otherwise have had your IP address banned.

12. What's the deal with "no bump?"

A somewhat unique feature of Japanese-influenced discussion forums is that, before you make a post, you can choose whether to "bump" a thread (send it to the top of an index) or "no bump" (the thread keeps its current position in its thread lists). If you don't think you're making an especially valuable contribution to a thread, or you think that a thread doesn't need to get "bumped" for whatever other reason, you can self-moderate and "no bump" your comment.

This feature is called "sage" in Japan, because they consider it a virtue of a wise man to not desire attention or glory for his remarks.

13. I don't like to be anonymous, I want to be an individual.

Cool! Just type in a name before you submit a comment!

Are you worried that someone will copy your name in an attempt to impersonate you, or do you otherwise need to "claim" your online handle? There's some good news there: even without registering an account, you can still distinguish yourself uniquely.

We have another useful tool from Japanese style messageboards to employ here, known as the "tripcode." When drafting a new thread or response, in the name field, after entering your handle, add "#password" to your name, where password is a 1-8 character combination of letters, numbers, or other simple symbols.

When the post is published, after your handle, ◆ will appear, followed by a unique and somewhat random combination of characters. In computing science language, this is called a "hash". While your hash is not especially meaningful, in and of itself, it is only possible to add ◆somerandomtext to a name when the author knows the password used. This is called "using a tripcode," as your special, unique "hash" that follows your name is called a tripcode.

Make sure to include the "#" hashtag because it tells the software, "everything before me is my name, and everything after me is my password."

If someone wants to pretend to be you, unless they can guess your secret password, they cannot post with the same ◆tripcode hash that you know. If they try to simply copy-paste your name and ◆tripcode, the software will automatically replace the ◆ (filled diamond) with the ◇ (empty diamond) to let people know that they are not truly uniquely identifying themselves using a secret password.


This "tripcode" feature not only works here, but also on sites like 4chan, 2channel, Gikopoi, and others, where your same password will produce the same "tripcode" on all of these different sites.

14. How can I add formatting to my posts?

Begin a line of text with > , < , or ^ to apply coloring to the sign (like 4chan greentext). Wrap some text on a single line with %% signs (like %%this%%) to hide that text -- good for spoilers, joke punchlines, hot takes, etc.

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