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Published: 2024-05-24 [Fri] 11:36, by Anonymous
I'm considering hiding NSFW for public users; thoughts?

There's not really a good way to make NSFW images show a warning
picture in the catalog that reveals the offending image when you click
it and get redirected to its page on Shimmie2

The booru is obscure enough as it is, that I don't think it should matter
either way -- it would be easy to add an 18+ warning on the front page.

But it also only takes 5 seconds to register an account (no email
required) and logged-out users are just missing out on 2 or 3 goatse
1. Does Anonymity really improve discourse?
Published: 2024-05-24 [Fri] 07:30, by Anonymous
By anonymity, I really mean anonymity -- not pseudonymous communities

Anonymity lowers the barrier to entry... for people who prefer
anonymous communities. But a lot of people who want to invest a lot of
real energy into a community, people who want to put work into serious
projects, are not going to prioritize an imageboard over something
like Discord or Twitter.

The main purpose of imageboards is to give a toilet to the internet.
Need to blow off steam? Vent? Post a dick pic? Get involved in petty
debates? Or are you such a brain damaged person that you get banned
from "mainstream" internet constantly -- you're the target audience
for 4chan.

Textboards and Gikopoi seem to have less tendency to go to complete
ass than imageboards, so anonymity does not automatically imply shit.
But this may just be due to the fact that these communities are very
small -- and they have less bias against pseudonymity than imageboards
As a counter-example, look at Sageru IRC for something that's generally
lower quality than /b/, /soc/, /pol/ etc

On places like IRC, Gikopoi, Mastodon, and other low-barrier pseudonymous
communities, mentally ill people and naughty children are easily blocked,
which creates a negative feedback loop that incentivizes the posters to
either shape up or get out. On the other hand, with an imageboard, when
trolling, someone can flame himself in the comments to keep himself in the
spotlight -- an anti-feature.

So my basic opinion is that anonymous and pseudonymous communities are
essentially equally good when small, and that as communities scale,
anonymous communities fare worse. This makes me think that gatekeeping
is actually not a bad thing. I can't imagine that Something Awful would
have done well without the $10 account registration fee, and something
like Reddit wouldn't work without karma. Anonymous communities have no
means by which to gatekeep, which is ultimately to their detriment

What do you think?
Published: 2024-05-23 [Thu] 11:28, by Anonymous
How to play video (1/3) with some pretty useful links in description:

Null Signal Games website: https://nullsignal.games/
Play Netrunner online: https://www.jinteki.net/
Play Netrunner against AI: https://chiriboga.sifnt.net.au/
Netrunner deckbuilder: https://netrunnerdb.com/
Make Netrunner proxies: https://proxynexus.net/
1. Gikopoi Election 2024
Published: 2024-05-23 [Thu] 03:24, by Anonymous
The year is 2024 and the Gikopoi Election is underway again.

Year-Month-Day scheduled events
2024-07-06 -- First debate, speeches / presentations
2024-09-08 -- Second debate, speeches / presentations
2024-11-05 -- Final election day

If you would like to run as candidate, post a reply to this thread
with your Gikopoi name, and write an essay of at least 100
words on what changes you would bring, values you embrace, etc.

Propaganda can be submitted to our image gallery:
1. Gikopoi Booru is open for business
Published: 2024-05-23 [Thu] 03:07, by Anonymous

2. Netrunner
Published: 2024-05-23 [Thu] 01:27, by Anonymous
I'm interested in playing this trading card-style cyberpunk game...

Instruction manual:

Print and play cards:

Play Netrunner free online:
1. Tabletop Games, online
Published: 2024-05-23 [Thu] 01:25, by Anonymous
Here are some popular ways to play tabletop games, online, without the
need to register any account or download apps:

- https://en.crosswordsarena.com/ -- Scrabble-ish
- https://lichess.org -- chess
- https://skribbl.io/ -- Pictionary
- https://maque.games/ -- Zung Jung mahjong
- https://cardgames.io/ -- several card games, and a few board games.
You'll want to increase the play timers by default; it's no fun
losing a game due to an invisible timer running out

Services that require registration:
- https://dominoes.playdrift.com/ -- This is the best dominoes service
that I know of. However you DO need to register an account.
- https://www.platoapp.com/download/ -- A big collection of classic
games, especially for mobile devices but also for Windows desktop
Published: 2024-05-19 [Sun] 14:46, by Anonymous
Phoneposting is the disease.
Discord is the symptom.
Sissy Hypno is the treatment.
Sucking Feminine Penis is the cure.
Published: 2024-05-17 [Fri] 05:02, by Anonymous
We could always charge 5 or 10 coins or something per post. I'll
consider adding this if filth starts to get shared. Charging doesn't
eliminate all bad actors, but it does keep out the laziest / dumbest...
(The "Something Awful" strategy)
Published: 2024-05-17 [Fri] 03:27, by Anonymous
restrict !tweet usage to prevent spam and the bad touch
Published: 2024-05-14 [Tue] 11:48, by blogfagchan
Highly recommend Perfect Blue (1997)
1. Melancholy Paradox
Published: 2024-05-13 [Mon] 11:15, by blogfagchan
Recently I have been craving solitude.
It's strange since so much of my life has been driven by
companionship and socialisation.
I sort of have everything I've ever wanted, a dream job,
a life long companion, financial security
and future growth prospects.
I feel the intrusive urge to throw it away.
It's as if I WANT to become a hikki.
Im well aware how privilidged I am to contemplate this, it disgusts me in a way.
So is this just a manifestation of selfdestructive tendencies?
Or am i trying to fly to close to the NEET sun?
Was Diogenes wise to become a hobo-maxing NEETma grindset enthusiast?
Niavely romanticising a dilapidated empty flat with nothing
but the echoing keys of a dumpster laptop and stolen WIFI.
In more important and relevant matters:
How often do you wash your sheets?
I want to wash them weekly, but have failed this routinne so far.
Till we meet again - blogfagchan
Published: 2024-05-10 [Fri] 17:48, by Anonymous
- RSS bot : when various feeds are updated, announce it in chat
- URL titles : when a link is dropped, let people know what the <title>
for the page is
- !seen <username> : find out the last time a user signed on and/or

I think a !seen command is equal parts good and bad....

[+] Due to the ephemeral nature of the 'poi it's common to wonder when
certain characters were last around.

[-] But part of what makes Gikopoi great and semi-unique is that it is
somewhat ephemeral, especially contrasting with Discord etc. If you
really want to get in touch with someone you haven't seen for a while,
you can send them a memo with !mail username || message and hope they
Published: 2024-05-03 [Fri] 18:53, by Anonymous
For those who wondered, I got roughly 7 liters of 80% as an end result
of hearts pickiness from a batch of low wines
Published: 2024-05-01 [Wed] 03:42, by Anonymous

Tried making these. They turned out great. My only problem was that my barley
malt syrup wasn't a quality product so the bagels weren't as flavorful as they
could be..
Published: 2024-04-30 [Tue] 07:09, by Anonymous
I'd been neglecting my inbox for some time and when I logged on, I saw
that a dear old friend had sent me a chain of messages mixed in among
the inevitable newsletters and various other forms of spam

He asked me how I was doing and told me he was quitting drinking....
Then he sent some long emails about how gangstalkers from region X
followed him to region Y and were putting pressure on him.

Sent an email he regretted sending and then another apologizing for
the recent involvement, said he was looking forward to future messages
if I still considered him to be a friend.

It was fun writing up a !!! 5 page response !!! about life updates
and observations.

Email is timeless, much like textboards. Whether you answer a week or
month later, you will probably be responded to properly in due time.
Email is the patient man's game, like many of the best things in life
Published: 2024-04-28 [Sun] 19:43, by Anonymous
A few kilograms of dry malt extract, various hops, food grade
20L / 5 gallon buckets, and airlocks with grommets are coming in
the mail. My beer and whisky making arc will begin soon.

I'm thinking of initially trying to make whisky via UJSSM tech but also
considering making one from dry malt extract sans hops -- I hear hops
are neither necessary nor desirable when producing whisky ...

Big concern for beer production: I don't have any feasible way to
carbonate beverages, whether in glass bottles or keg. So I guess
it'll be "not even beer!" depending on one's definition. I'd love to
buy a keg and CO2 tanks, maybe even a devoted fridge down the line, but
wife is already annoyed as-is by the malt/hops/buckets/airlocks
purchase. We'll just have to wait and see.
Published: 2024-04-20 [Sat] 04:38, by Anonymous

Published: 2024-04-13 [Sat] 20:43, by Anonymous
gyudon_addictâ—†hawaiiZtQ6: i thought when you said 'purge a meal' you
meant just wolf it down real quick
Published: 2024-04-11 [Thu] 02:53, by Anonymous
!wiki [Article name]
print the top section of a wikipedia article
1. Baking breads, recipe threads
Published: 2024-04-08 [Mon] 03:22, by Anonymous
> Naan bread

> Rustic bread

> spicy cheesy scone

1. pohon poetics (gikoetry)
Published: 2024-04-07 [Sun] 08:51, by post poems here
sharing feeling and perspective morphs into an insult
I foolishly spilt what I wanted private, how stupid of me.
now it's sighing, begging for a pity party
murky thinking., my paper isn't safe either,
they hope to glean what? wants?
once I showed them a possibility of positivity or justice
they feared my hubris and punishment and told them
and they presumed to know me, my beliefs, my logic
and pretended like it was for my
protest our suffering with outlook. own good not to
## and "care" never passed career.
I can't be private, can't be public, what good is it to be a person?
and just when I nearly came off as frustrated & angered, then I
lamented & secluded []
1. the question
Published: 2024-04-06 [Sat] 10:25, by Anonymous
what good is culture if it's inorganic (e.g. marketing & propaganda)?
cultural transmission controlled for profit like with recommendations
content (i.e. not art) produced mechanically to optimize something
could it even be called culture? or maybe it's "adversarial culture."
or culture takes after the shape of power.

if one wants to reject it, they may alienate themself from others.
surely there are others condemned. where will they dwell?
maybe there can be a club with no invitations, just the natural end of
a thought, or maybe converging paths.
Published: 2024-04-06 [Sat] 09:52, by Anonymous
cheap green decaffeinated green bag tea
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